Friday 13 October 2017

Keep Learning

Hey guys! Today I want to share this set from Label8 Store while talking about what I'm literally learning right now. I've been so into Instastories lately. I create unusual Instastories, with some Instagram Story features, or maybe some other apps to make it looks cuter (or advance haha). Keep scrolling gengs! ;)

Well, I originally love to explore apps (well, not only apps). I love to make things differently using features within the apps. It does the same on Instagram, too. Instagram story is fun, at least for me. I actually tap Insta-story more often than my Instagram feeds. Anyone does the same? Also, my insights shows that the number of people seeing my Insta-story is greater than the number of likes of my uploaded photos.

Sometimes I use some other apps before posting my Insta-story. I know it's double job. I know maybe it looks just too much for some people, cause Insta-story may seem unimportant. But I do it for fun. I do it cause simply I like it. Hehe. I drop a poll on my Insta-story if anyone wants me to make a how-to video for my Insta-baby, and 90%+ says yas! So please stay tune on my Youtube channel! ;)

I love learning many things, especially if it is "new". I love to learn some fields I never know before. The world is huge and here I am so small. People do travelling to know the world, I do learning and exploring to know the world. There are so many ways to Rome, right?

What I Wear:
Checked Catrine Top from Label8 | White Lena Pants from Label8
Heels from Charles and Keith | Pouch by Givenchy

Botanika, Surabaya

So, that’s practically what I want to say. Thanks for reading. I hope you find this post useful. I’ll see you soon!

W R I T T E N   W I T H   L O V E   B Y

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  1. Hi Dev, you are such a stylist and a very good one at that. i love your taste and i get inspired a lot. keep being you and keep posting