Thursday 18 July 2013

Movie Syndrome

Have you ever experienced the weirdo syndrome? Like what?
Like this.

The moment when you see a movie, then you feel totally awesome about that. But then, at the next seconds, the movie ends, and now your life is going back to normal. Not as awesome as in that movie anymore. Oh I really hate that. That movie syndrome. I do not have any idea if there is anyone who experience that same syndrome, like me. Sigh. You know, I hate that sometimes I'm being too much. In anything. I bring up too much emotion in everything I say, or see, or watch, or even only read.

On one fine-shine-bright morning, I woke up (not) beautifully. I showered myself this morning (you better be aware that's a good news for everyone, especially my mom). Then, I ate my brunch fast. And back to my bed. Well, you should be informed, too, that holiday will never give you any works to do. Typically, the long one. So today, I choose to spend the rest of my Monday just laying on bed. But in time, oh, I just remembered. Yesterday I bought Meter Per Second, a ½ Novel by Debbie Widjaja and, Kent Sutjipto (@nyankent), whom I figure as a pretty talented writer plus blogger. At that point, I think m/s will be my official companion for this holiday. Yep, at least for December. Or only for a couple of days.
Anyway, I want to give a small review (it is because I have not finished reading it) about the novel: I love the way Debbie writes. 'I dropped a little of my tears when it reached to the part where Jason gave the watch to Rhea' can be a strong evidence, right? To be honest, I broke my heart seeing Fil broke her heart, too. #spoiler

Oh I really hate to get this movie syndrome. Please (like seriously) somebody do tell me if anyone of you, out there, ever felt this. And please do give me how-to-be-healed tutorial of this. Like I said above, I'm always too much. In anything. The story tells exactly about a coming-entry I want to share.