I made this blog because I love all about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I write about product reviews, makeup tutorials, tips and tricks, and more. All reviews are based on my personal experience. Products that I review mostly are bought with my own money, unless stated that it's sponsored. Although the product is sponsored, I guarantee that all reviews are my 100% honest opinion. Please keep in mind that the results may vary to every person because skin could have different reaction on certain products. So, I am not responsible to any damage happened to you, even if you use the products after reading my blogposts.

Despite the fact that I write in English right now, I actually blog in Bahasa. Yet, I already provided the translate button on the right side. I spend so much time and efforts to write a blogpost for my readers. Please do not copy any pictures without credits. Also, please do not remove the watermarks on the picture. You're allowed to download the pictures from my blog (credit is a must). It would be great if you ask me for permission beforehand.

Please understand that I'm not a beauty expert, obviously not a doctor. So, there can be questions I can't answer or I may answered it incorrectly. Thank you, loves! 

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