Hello, visitors! Devita's typing here. If you happen to open this page, I think you're a little bit curious about who I am. Hehe. No, I really don't mind if you want to read more ;)

Lemme introduce myself properly :
Hi, my name is Devita. I'm a proud Indonesian. I'm now 27. I'm an interior architecture graduate. I'm known as a beauty, fashion, and a lifestyle content creator. I'm a petite girl. I was just married. I don't cook. And I really love to learn new things.

This blog basically tells you about beauty/fashion/blog tutorials and tips from yours truly; also honest reviews on some products. If you're a new kid on my blog, you may read the popular posts and disclaimer first. You're welcome to look around but don't forget to leave me some comments ;)

If you really want to talk to me, anything, stories even secret, or maybe business inquirieslet me know! If you are a company's representative, you're very welcome to contact me for any sponsorship, event invitation, or advertisement, send me email on 

I do really hope that you guys enjoy my blog. Thanks for visiting, you! ;)

Every girl has her own beauty, so do you. You're everything for someone out there.