Friday 24 July 2015

#holidaywithdev - Food Only

Hi, gaes! Update Report : I went to Bali for last Lebaran Holiday! Ahee! Yes, Bali again!
Since I go to Bali every-yes, like literally every-year, so this time I planned it differently from the previous years. This year's holiday theme is culinary! So I planned to go to many places which have good food, good beverages, good interior, and good ambience. And in this post, I'm gonna let you see the pictures of all the food that I ate there. Without further do, let's get to see the amazing pictures!

Ayam Kremes for the first dinner at Bali. For Your Information, I actually planned to go to Jimbaran for my very first dinner but that day was the national holiday in Bali, so almost every restaurant, includes Jimbaran, was closed. Sad, but that's okay. I still have many days to go ;)

I was at Pecel Bu Tinuk yet didn't eat any Pecel there. Nasi Campur-nya was good, though. This was my breakfast. - Day 2

And finally went to the famous Warung Mak Beng for lunch. It was so spicy and tasty, even though the plating is plain. 

Woohoo! Finally Jimbaran for the early dinner. Yes, that's way too early. Anyway, the scallops were so dying for <3 Definitely going to be back!

This is the best gelato ever. You should try Gusto! It's on Mertanadi Street. Gusto is always on my wishlist when I go to Bali.

Yummy Taro (Hot) Latte!

I'm now a fan of Egg Benedict! This was my early breakfast on Day 3. Sarapan cantik!

Cuteness in front of my eyes!

Gardin. It's so in style; like everyone on Instagram upload their photos in Gardin. I ate Aglio Olio, but I think it's not that good. 6/10. But the interior is awesome. I love how they mix and match between interior elements and the furnishing accessories. Look at those fluffy balls on the chairs.

Lyck Lig is an ice cream with mixing concept. That's unique and fortunately tasty! The interior is so cute and so suitable with the products that they sell. What so interest for me is how they use an iPad as a cashier machine. Gonna learn the app; ps: I heard it's a free app. Anyway, look at the cute Mickey Mouse's Ears on my ice cream!

Food Folk for lunch. Those are salmon and detox healthy drink for the healthy lunch package. The place is small but comfy.

Last, but truly not least. Ribs whatsoever and Chicken Ravioli <3<3<3 at Romeos. Uenak pol!

Livingstone at Kokonut. Perfect brunch in the morning. Yes, I told ya, I'm now a fan of an Egg Benedict! ;) - Day 4

Lello Lello Gelato for dessert. I still prefer Gusto to this. But that taste was okay.

Tokyo Skipjack for lunch part one. Its favorite is steak. I choose chicken steak and you'll get free two side dishes (as far as I remember, lol).

And The Coffee Library, Seminyak, for the lunch part two! The place is small, but fortunately it's two stories. Anyway, the taste was good enough.

Stickee for my early dinner. Those are homemade food. The picture above is Kue Cubit Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC). The topping is cheese; amazingly tasty.

That's Omudomie; a combination of Indomie and omelette, with mayonnaise and tomato sauce on top. Yummy!

Babi Guling Candra for brunch on Day 5. Love it!

Grocer & Grind's pizza. The layer is so super thin. 

Then, went to SisterFields by walk (it's on the same neighborhood) to eat more food. This is one of their favorite. Yes, I forget the name. Something charcoal, I guess. It tastes so unique and addictive.


Wacko Burger for lunch part two. The burger was so big and delicious. Yet there are not much parking lot; that's pretty much a problem for me.

Day 6. Finally, the vacation has come to and end. Sbux-ing in the morning before going back to Surabaya. Anyway, you can follow me on Instagram @devolyp to be more update with what I eat lol.

So, that’s practically what I want to say. Thanks for reading. I hope you find this post useful. I’ll see you soon!

W R I T T E N   W I T H   L O V E   B Y

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