Friday, 7 June 2013

Passion vs Circumstance

I finally re-read all the post I pinned up, which are only five, if you really count, from the very first time I created this blog. And, if you see carefully, the last post is on Sun, February 24th, 2013. More than that,  the essays I posted, it is in order to submit my words for a blog-post contest. Well, that doesn't mean I abandon this blog, also disremember to post something on it. But I think I'm bored with this writing stuff plus I'm busy as you always know it. I've been in an awfully hectic week, especially the final exam week and that's because of that anomalously freakish project(s). In some way, it is not that I hate my major but some projects and the tutors really drive me crazy, primarily that long man. Besides,  I say no for this say: "Unfailingly, I will make time for you even if I'm busy." The one I agree is: "If I am busy, please understand it that I am undoubtedly busy."

Well, my point is not I'm bored also I'm super busy and I won't post anything anymore. Inversely, I re-obtain my exciting feeling about compiling words, looking at dictionary to get more vocabs and stuffs plus I'm now in my holiday week as well as I'm free like a bird to post everything I love on this sweetly white sheet.

Anyway, during this four semesters, I've been dealing with every single thing about Interior Architecture. I fill my brain up with interior vocabularies, ideal numbers of ergonomic things on furnitures, ways to sketch on a white paper, knowledge of the system how to use AutoCad 3DsMax and its friends also the programming thing before designing something. Somehow, it makes me love interior thingy, bit by bit. It is as a result of learning something very useful that indeed can be applied in whatever major you are. But, by any means, it is also making me sure that actually my passion is not for outlining plan for some house in residence, as well as public areas such cafes or restaurants. I choose wasting my hours in front of the laptop and having some creativities on adobe creative suites, learning more about typography, branding, packaging, or anything about it than coping with cad.

Regretfully, I can not turn back the time. I do not even have an option. I can not be someone who is selfish and try to forgo everything and follow what I feel deep affection for. All I have to do is just keeping body and soul together. Even though this will rob my quality seconds with family and best friends and every activity I'm dying for. I believe that someday all hard work I have done will be paid off. One fine day, I will kick some ass.

To end, who's with me?