Saturday 23 February 2013

The Sweet Escape(s)

Hooooy I'm coming back! I know you guys have been missing me all the time! #yea So, it's been a long time no write here. And of course there are so many sweet stories I really want to tell to you. I mention it as my sweet escape(s)! Anyway, you should know that I was a bit busy lately with my university life. As I already started my study as the fourth semester student in Interior Architecture.


And this is my first sweet escape at Bali. *hooray!* This short sweet trip with be sties is in the middle of my short semester. Yes, call me the happiest gurl in town!!

The Junction
Doll Gallery at The Junction
Conrad Resort Beach
Potato Head
Conrad Resort
Conrad Chapel

Let's go to the next part! *dancing!* TKMDII XI (Temu Karya Mahasiswa Desain Interior Indonesia Sebelas) at Solo >> one of my major program

New Friends!
Delegasi Universitas Ciputra with LO
Having fun!
Delegasi Universitas Ciputra
Team Stand!
The third event: saying happy birthday to my girls! MellisaChs and Audreyvincentia

at Audrey's
And last but not least: my photo session by Oline. Telling the stories of my own life: with dancing, drawing in class, and living up my dreams.

Wait for the next sugar escape(s)!