Sunday 10 July 2016

#BaliFoodStory : Jimbaran, Gusto, Titik Temu

Jimbaran - Cendana <3

This is my #BaliFoodStory Part 1. I went to a few places. I'll write down all the places below the pictures just so you don't get confused. I'm so sorry that I forget all the food names I bought. So yeah, this is my #BaliFoodStory.

Titik Temu Coffee, Seminyak <3

Creamy Comfort, Kerobokan


Little Flinders, Canggu

Old Man, Canggu

Gusto, Kerobokan

So, that’s practically what I want to say. Thanks for reading. I hope you find this post useful. I’ll see you soon!

W R I T T E N   W I T H   L O V E   B Y