Friday 7 August 2015

Beauty Bound Asia Workshop 2 - National Finalist (Video)

Hi guys! I'm back with the video blog of Beauty Bound Asia Workshop 2. Oh it's the second workshop already? Yes! It's the workshop for the National Finalist from Indonesia. I thank God, Beauty Bound Asia, Youtube, and SK II for this rare opportunity! I thank you for having me. I thank you all for the experience that I never got before. I thank you for the new friends that I met. Thank you guys for being so generous and kind.

Panel Discussion with Cynthian dan Fei. Thank you for sharing, guys! Before this, we had the exclusive presentation from Ms. Niken from Youtube about how to grow our channel more.

Makeup Demo by Kak Oscar. Yay! He did the makeup demo for photo-ready look. The tips is you need to make statement with your look. Either with your lip color or with the eye makeup. Yet, at that time, he made the eye makeup looked so natural and made the lip so popped out with red.

We're the group 2! Anyway, the model of the makeup demo is Marsha from Blushoff, find her!

Super lovely Photo Booth! I hope I can bring all the properties home! Lol!

Thank you Cynthian and Fei as our lovely mentors for being so generous to give us the insights we (beauty creator) need the most!

So yeah, I make this vlog and I hope you can feel the fun and the excitement there! If you don't mind, please kindly click thumbs up if you like and subscribe to make my day! It means a lot to me since I'm a new youtube slash beauty creator!

So, that’s practically what I want to say. Thanks for reading. I hope you find this post useful. I’ll see you soon!

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