Friday 11 September 2015

#malangwithdev - Outfit Story

This is the most await blogpost after the 'Food Only'. Yes, it's an outfit story when I was at Malang. Please do notice that I went to Malang only for two days, so it won't be as much as the 'Outfit Story' when I was at Bali. And please pardon my pimple that laid on all my photos. So, without further do, let's get to see me!

Wearing my yellow long sweater and the black asymmetrical skirt. Oh plus my favorite silver blinky flat shoes.

Start from here, you'll see the various background of the Golden Heritage Koffie. Much love for this! No doubt that this venue become one of the favorite place for pre-wedding photo session.

On day-two, I wore my inner with the outer pink sweater. I paired it with comfy short pants.

So, that’s practically what I want to say. Thanks for reading. I hope you find this post useful. I’ll see you soon!

W R I T T E N   W I T H   L O V E   B Y

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