Wednesday 20 November 2013

Typical Girl

Do you have a diary, like literally a daily dairy? Yes, I do.
Did you ever write anything on it? Sometimes.
What do you write? Anything. Every thoughts. Every feelings, even love.
Did you ever re-read your diary? Almost every time. Then, I feel dumb for writing those words.
Why do you feel dumb? It's a long answer, though. Do you really have time to hear the story?

10/12 - He smiles at me.
17/12 - The very first introduction of ours.
18/12 - He follows my twitter.
19/12 - I follow him back on twitter.
19/12 - He mentions me.
20/12 - He asks for my blackberry pin.
21/12 - We start texting each other.
30/12 - We almost stop texting.

Don't you feel dumb after writing that? You spare the precious little time of yours to just write that. People may think that 'he' is the love of your life. People may think that you are undoubtedly love that guy. Now, I will give you the situation, so that you'll be informed of every inch for what purpose I get the impression like I am the most thickheaded person in this earth. That guy is not mine. I mean not freely-soon-to-be mine. He is in the rumor with someone else, and that someone else is my friend. Confusion in mind, heart, too. Should I give up, or not?

I hear this saying a lot: "It's funny how I'm good at giving advice to others, when it comes to helping myself, I don't know what to do." People out there see me as a happy person. I indicate that as someone who never get sad in every condition she has. And you must recently hear this: "The same girl who laughs and talks a lot, and seems very happy is also the girl who may cry herself to sleep." There are some people who ask me for advices about their puppy love story. There are some people who cry over their love, and ask me how not to give up on them. There are some people who lose their hope, and ask me how to survive. There are some people who live in a typical drama, and ask me how to be the main character, and soon have their happy ending. And just like that, there are some people who think that I am just perfect, wise, and talented to solve their problems; and never see me as a girl who is as weak as them.

That typical girl.