Monday 17 December 2012


What is it that pops out in your head after hearing a word called 'happiness'?
-Having so much money?
-Marry the most prettiest girl?
-Having the most perfect family ever?
-Be the owner of the biggest company in town?
-Be the most famous actor that you're dreaming of?

You're not in error. Everyone in the world is dying for 'that' happiness. If we check out the dictionary, happiness means the state of being happy #yea so I conclude that you all will be happy if you get those, eh? Once again, you're not wrong. But, do you think that you'll be happy after marrying that girl?The girl who has everything: pretty, brainy, rolling in money. You think that your friends are gonna envy you? You think that people are gonna respect you for yourself?Cause I think the answer is NO.

Why? Yes, it's surely because you're too ugly to have her. You'll be the green-eyed-monster. Yes, you'll be dead of jealousy that she's admired by the most handsome men in the city. And, she won't look up to you. She'll even despise you, because she brings in more money than you. Don't you feel happier that you only earn five hundred dollars every month yet your wife thinks highly of you. More than that, happiness is whenever you see another people (esp. people you love) happy. Cliche, but it's true. And you don't have to be something to be the reason why those people feel so cheery.

A few days ago, I was driving and stopped at the traffic light. A little boy came to me. He smiled so brightly approaching me, coming up with the newspapers on his hands. He pointed to Jawa Pos, and I said no with my hand. Then, he pointed to another newspaper, to another newspaper, to another magazine, (and didn't stop smiling so widely), lastly he pointed to Bobo Magazine. I laugh! Regretfully, I still said no.

You know what? He just made my day, with his smile. He's not even a student. Sorry, he's a newspaper seller, and he just made my day. See? You don't have to be something to be a blessing for people around you. Smile! It may brighten their day. Now you can choose which happiness do you want to live with :)